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Why Should You Learn Programming? Why Is It so Necessary to learn!!!

Why Should You Learn Programming? Why Is It so Necessary to learn!!!

As the all great leadership knows that the modern era will be fully automated and it will come on a heavy scale.
suit today in this blog we will talk about
why should you learn to program?
all the reasons we will be covering today in this blog and also how useful is programming to every individual guy and why and what are the reasons
before getting into it lets understand with an example:-
• In the early day’s everyone was reading newspapers but now everyone is using mobile-based applications for reading news which is quite simple you just have to swipe up and swipe down and many of those applications are free you don’t have to pay for reading that news.
• In the Early day, you may remember that we were using CD/DVD for watching movies but not OTT platform like Netflix and Amazon prime is too popular because on the go u can watch any particular movie you wish to watch.
• Before we were having thick books but now we have E-books, Audiobooks
• we go to school with those heavy bags but now we had got an online platform for students the all you need for study is a device and a good internet connection.
So slowly things went to growth, what no one would have thought before.
So again the question is why should I learn to program????
what’s the relation between these things and programming!!!
• if a ‘you say “ why should I learn to read” if one of Your friends gives a Hindi book and “says read it” and then you say I don’t know to read there reaction will be surprising the same will happen within a few 5 to 10 years programming will be so common that every individual will be master at that time, at present, it may seem to you wore but soon this will happen 100% As you know all the equipment, devices machine are getting automated as take the current example every company either MNC or local company who manufactures garments also keeps a post of technical support like an:-
• social media handler for advertisement and influence of the company on social media.
• Ethical hacker for bug glitch or and technical issues.
• Customer executive for FAQ of customer
• etc.

“In the world of programming PUMA is going to arrive”
So again the reason is the same [why should I learn to program?]
1.Steve jobs say – “Coding tell you how to think” (this line motivates me every time ^-^)
=> if you are doing any task like developing any application you divided different tasks and then you solve those tasks and then you aggregate those problems and make the clear solution so when you do programming it tells you how to approach things like how to divide tasks and then solve it.
(Steve jobs mean that coding tells us how to solve problems, coding gives teenager’s problem-solving skills).
so now if I talk about the guys who are in the field of manufacturing and production companies they know that the thing is going to get automated all the works will be done by machine’s human interference will be very less although 100% human interference will not be there because a human brain can’t be replaced by the computer, so meanwhile, 90 % percentage work will be automated and the only guys will be Work who have the extreme knowledge about those machines or are they who. know the programming very well or you can say the guys who can communicate with machines will survive in the revolution of automation.
2.A great person named bill gates said- “Anyone can do it”.
=>So a question arises if programming is that easy then why everyone is not doing it.
so the answer is to learn anything you need discipline and patience, also it’s not that only genius can learn if you have discipline and patience you can do coding no need to have a genius kind you don’t have to be a genius but you are willing should be strong about it and passionate about it and eventually you will be getting it.

3.let’s understand with an example as there is youtube we all know that but before the arrival of jio how much traffic was there on YouTube we all know that it was only for namesake when Jio brought the revolution into the internet more and more creators and viewers joined the youtube and hence the traffic increased and due to this youtube got huge success in the Indian market and with this more brand came for advertisement and hence the youtube earns money and from the name youtube I mean to say the developer of youtube earned money.
And also the creators who have joined youtube before the arrival of jio now they are with either 10Million subscribers or we can say successful from this I want to say they are successful due to patience.
”So the as fast you start learning later on you will have a respectable position in programming I mean to say”
4.” You can convert your idea’s into reality”
For example:- a developer got a dream of a battle royale game where every 4 men squad will fight for peace and chicken dinner and hence he introduced PUBG.
another example:- Mark Zuckerberg (Mark bhaiya Ji the great data Chor) dream an communication application through which you can share your images and wonderful moments, idea’s, etc and can be also used for chatting purpose and then he started programming and hence he converted it into reality and hence Facebook took birth.
If one of your ideas got successful you could be the next Billionaire of within a night.

  1. It improves your interpersonal skills and communication skills. This means you are working in a team where everyone is developing an application and there you will keep collaborative efforts and interaction will take place and this will improve your communication skills and so you can gain growth in your personality which is again a good thing.
  2. and again this is a common point which I have kept in at last because all the students will say I know it before onwards but this is to remind or recall you.
    “This can give you huge job opportunities if you know to program and you can also work as freelancers.
    So these are the all reasons which justify why should you learn to program??
    • teaches problem-solving techniques.
    • You can convert your ideas into reality.
    • you can improve or enhance your interpersonal skills and communication skills.
    • you can work as a freelancer.
    • you can grab job opportunities.
    • It is so easy that if you have a desire in you, Discipline and willing to learn programming within a few months (as my role model Elon musk who learned programming within 3 days which is a miracle )you can also learn at least within a month or for deep research and advance knowledge you need some time but for basics, you can learn it within 2 weeks if you are passionate about it. no need for a genius mind and a normal mind can also do it if willing is strong.
    So only this much for this blog with the short note I conclude here if something is skipped you van tell me any suggestions or improvement you want from my side I would like to know in the comments section.
    So see you in the next vlog until the be safe
    (Jai Hind Jai Bharat Vandematram)
    if you are reading till here then an important notice for you if you are willing to learn programming and ethical hacking DROP has an expert team of teachers who can teach you as simple as possible for joining live interaction classes or courses contact Us.
    My Self Dev. Sanu Kumar
    (B.com) 3rd year Student
    member of:-
    Autumn Hacks II (Student’s developer Group),
    Worked For- Zeetechmanagement and marketing.
    Currently working for- DROP

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