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Hello friends
is an online Organization
The first plan of this organization is social working, which we have given the highest position in our organization. Social work in society is the work of which our society and advanced and people living in the society can progress. The Department of Social Work has today shown its good quality by doing a major work and imparting knowledge to innovate and learn something new.

Drop’s Department of Social Working has brought a project to the attention of children in education
Drop’s team has run this project inside the Nilkanth location of West Bengal
There the whole team of Drop has told 200 plus children books, copy, pens, pencils, erasers, cutters and the basic mantra of studying so that no child in this society is ignored from studying and he does not understand the value of studies. Found us know
That we cannot cooperate with any children throughout their life, but if 10 children also take the path of education due to one of our projects and one thinking, then this project will be successful.

Drop which project we have learned from the children that if the needs of these children are met, they will be able to develop their lives to a great extent, we know that this work belongs to their parents and our government administration but some hands It can also happen if we want to, because we too are part of the society and it is our religion to remove the shortcomings and evils of the society that lie between us.

In order to move forward in life and make the dream come true, it is very important to see the dreams of people. It is very important to take the good of the people. Just like watching an army in TV, a child says, Papa we have to go to the army, similarly our principle Is that by making people aware towards the society, we can also make them social soldiers so that it can remove the mistakes of our society from its goodness

एक कदम स्वच्छता की और

Everyone has heard this sentence but due to being alone, they are unable to use it in their social life and it is our weakness, so by showing humanity among humans, some people have to understand this and they will have to understand their home and society and country. We have to keep it safe and clean and it is our own responsibility not the government administration

Education promotion is very important in our society and we have touched the first phase.

If you like this project of ours, then you citizens of your country should teach your society to follow the path of progress.

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