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Founder of DROP Roshan Burnwal | CEO Of DROP Organization

Roshan Barnwall (born 22 March; Ukhra, West Bengal, India) is a Belong from Business, Cyber ​​Security, Advance Rock Climber, Creator, Website Designer, Python and other Programmers, Video Editor, Motivational Speaker, You-Tuber ETC. He is the CEO of the DROP Organization ,and is also the founder of the HTTricks Reborn Community

and is also the founder of the HTTricks Reborn Community

  Why Make DROP Project

Roshan Burnwal I founded a company called HTTricks Reborn in 2016 which had facilities like YouTube channel as well as blogging website online learning in childhood.

But it seems that Roshan’s dream was many times bigger than this and he was looking for a very big source to fly his dreams which was probably not possible from this company, so he started working on a new project and he got some Designed in such a way that a new message will be sent to the country and the world which till date was in search of this world and they gave this project the name of DROP and this project was made in such a way that all these members get equal rights but This was not possible in any company, so Drop was prepared as an organization.

The full name of the drop was (Development & Research Organizations Planning).
Which means an organization that plans on development and research and keep it among the people