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Nmap: Advanced Ethical Hacking Tutorial | DROP.ORG.IN

Nmap: Advanced Ethical Hacking Tutorial | DROP.ORG.IN

So on this post today, we will learn about Nmap, what is nmap, why is nmap used and what type of work to use nmap

What IS Nmap

Nmap is a free & open-source network scanner tool created by Gordon Lyon. Nmap is used to discover hosts & services on a computer network by sending packets & analyzing the responses. Nmap provides a number of features for probing computer networks, includin

Why is Nmap Used

Nmap builds on previous network auditing tools to provide quick, detailed scans of network traffic. It works by using IP packets to identify the hosts and IPs active on a network and then analyze these packets to provide information on each host and IP, as well as the operating systems they are running.

What type of work to use Nmap

The program can be used to find live hosts on a network, perform port scanning, ping sweeps, OS detection, and version detection. A number of recent cyber attacks have re-focused attention on the type of network auditing that Nmap provides.

Advanced Nmap Commands

Scan for Specific Port or Port Range

kali > nmap -p25-150

Scanning a Subnet

kali > nmap -p80

Spoofing & Decoy Scan

kali > nmap -sS -D,,

Evading Firewalls

kali > nmap -sS -P0

Gathering Version Info

kali > nmap -V

UDP Scan

kali > nmap -sU

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